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Electrical Panel Upgrade & Repairs

Upgrade Your Home or Business Electrical
System Panel to Meet Your Needs

If you are in the middle of a home remodel, you may be forgetting about your electrical panel. Oftentimes, we find that electrical panel upgrades are not included within the remodel service, and with these upgrades being overlooked, many homes or offices continue to have older electrical panels that do not support the modern technology and energy needs of today’s modern living. With electronics and technology being used significantly more that they were even a decade ago, the demand on your home’s electrical needs have also risen. With insufficient energy panels, this can create unstable electrical systems within your home.

If You Have Experienced Any of the Following, It May Be Time for an Electrical System Upgrade

Power4Ward is here to provide you with excellent electrical panel upgrades and repairs for your electrical systems. We are Indio, CA’s #1 choice for electrical contracting and installation and will meet all your residential and commercial electrical installation needs.

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With our experience in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, you can rest assured that Power 4Ward will provide you with only the best in electrical panel upgrades and repairs. We are pleased to specialize in energy-efficient solutions and rewiring of your home or commercial building. From wiring services like outlet creation and fixture and track lighting, to installation of home theaters, wireless systems, and alarm systems, we are well versed in all electrical remodeling and installation systems.